Our Story

The family of Shefa’a has been in the soapmaking business in Syria for over 500 years.  It started in the trading city of Aleppo, Syria, where our family’s natural soaps were distributed through the famous trade routes into Europe and along the Silk Trade Route to China.  Since that time, the tradition, experience, and heritage has been passed down from generation to generation. 

In 2011, as the Syrian crisis began, the manufacturing ecosystem in the country started to gradually deteriorate until it reached a point where our family, along with the manufacturing operation had to be relocated. In 2016, we opened a factory in Lebanon and since then have continued our soap making traditions. 

Our family is dedicated to producing high quality natural soap for our family and yours. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the number one Natural Soap retailer in the MENA and then throughout the world by providing the highest quality with the highest standards for making natural soap, thereby changing the quality of lives for the better.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach and teach societies on a local and international level to live a healthier lifestyle by using non-chemical soap.