This soap is used for body and hair because it contains natural oils.
Shefaa laurel soap made from olive oil + laurel oil + special combination of oils and herbaceous plants.

Olive Oil Benefits:
rich in minerals, such as: manganese, phosphorous, potassium and vitamins:
A-B-C-E-F Vitamins: it has capabilities of many therapeutic and enters in the composition of cosmetics and skin care, it nourishes the skin and gives strength and freshness and helps to remove wrinkles as well helps to nourish hair from the root and prevents hair loss and makes hair brilliant and smooth.

Laurel oil is sterile and antiseptic to the scalp and remover of pimples, sores and dandruff, it nourishes and cleans the skin and removes odors and dead cells, laurel oil + olive oil help in standardization of skin color and get rid of pimples an reduce their appearance.

Laurel oil has a distinctive scent which is derived from forests where it grows up, and due to its unique combination, it serves to get rid of chronic rheumatism pains and muscles spasm.
Adding oils and special herbaceous plants and their benefits Shefaa Soap is considered ideal for cleaning and taking care of hair and skin.