Aleppian laurel soap is still made in a preliminary handy way over the years, it is interesting that soap is made only during the cold months of the year (November to April) for 2 reasons:

economic in which the season of olive oil and laurel oil are available in this time of year

the climate in this time of year in Aleppo helps making this soap.

Aleppoian laurel soap cooked by mixing olive oil (pomace oil) with an aqueous solution contains diluted alkaline in a large pot and this mixture is heated on a commensurate temperature by slowing down mixing and adding gradually aqueous solution till soap –making process is completely done.

Next day when oil becomes, oil is added in order not to be subjected to heat for a long time so that all fragrance oils are not volatilize and then soap is washed by clean water and leave overnight about 15 hours and by getting rid of excess water, pure soap is poured in a special paths, once soap solidifies cut manually  to square or rectangular bars and then manually  stamped and stored in a very particular way for 6 to 8 months in which interaction process can be done naturally and slowly in which soap content is decomposed from free soda that isn't interact with oil during soap manufacturing. This is the most important properties of this soap. Soap is packed with bags or boxes by request, and another part is exported all over the world.