History Of Aleppo Soap

It is very old and a lot consider the grandfather of all kinds of soap and some considered that the passages in the Bible and Mesopotamia (clay tablets) and Ebla tablets have mentioned this soap.

Soap had found in the kingdom of old Ebla through the process of excavations similar materials to soap in jars which indicated that soap has been known since 2800 BC as found the number and written on it that olive and fats with alkaline salts give materials that indicated in Treatment dermatitis and can be used for washing body. This soap is also made mainly from olive oil which mentioned in the holy Quran and in the Biography of the prophet as it is food and medicine.
Legend goes that famous women, such as Cleopatra and queen Zenobia were used to using laurel soap to keep their skin fresh and young and keep their hair healthy and shiny.

It is commonly believed that soap industry existed from the Levant (Aleppo which is the main city) and spread in Mediterranean until it reached Europe.