Company Profile

 From this ancient heritage emerged our company and we inherited it with love and passion and we gave it a lot ourselves and our feelings. We are working hard to master and develop this ancient profession.

- Our most important achievement was nearly half a century when we added compressed laurel soap which through it we made laurel soap (Municipal piece to compressed soap) with new templates and forms of the same components of laurel soap and with some herbal additives which nourish and soften hair.

Thus, we have achieved the first development for this industry through pleasing different tastes of consumers that tended to perfumed soaps.
This development has also joined with the aspirations of some western societies, searching for natural plant products, such as:  France and Germany. Thus, this soap has achieved a good wide spread.

- Second development was in /2000/ we got a documented patent through the conversion of solid laurel soap to liquid soap with the same components by adding herbaceous plants and vegetable oils, and this product has had a great acclaim and popularity by consumers, especially in France. Thus, we have achieved our second achievement.

We feel a lot fun & pride through this long experience from which we had some achievements and we are continuing on the same road.